Discover the essence of Sing Education’s approach to primary school music. From teacher recruitment to learning resources, staff management to payroll, timetabling and PPA cover, we are your partners for the journey. We are Sing Education.



“Sing Education have given our children the opportunity to thrive creatively, and helped unlock the potential of music in our school.”

Leonie Lobo – Head, Ravenor Primary School

Music Changes Lives

  • 9000 Children taught per week
  • 214 Lessons
  • 20+ Employees
  • 2100 Resources

Weekly, across 27+ London schools, 9000 young learners encounter the transformative power of music in their lives.

Great music transforms schools.

However, in today’s educational landscape, music can easily be an afterthought. It doesn't have to be though.

Sing Education recruits, trains and resources the very best music teachers so that your school can have great music no matter your size, location or strategy. We provide a 360° wraparound provision which takes all the guesswork out of building and executing a rich and varied music programme. From curriculum design to PPA cover to absence management to inclusion and accessibility, our peripatetic music solution can be shaped to meet your needs.

Founded by Josh Cadman, Alice Cadman and Bert Routledge in 2014, Sing Education has been designed from the start to realise a unique vision - a more exciting and rewarding way to do primary school music education. The directors believed then, and still do, that music should be fun and exciting - enabling children to engage with it in the classroom, at home and out in the community.

What makes Sing Education so special?
Teaching Kids with a flipchart


Music education offers rich benefits for schools and pupils. The chance to embed school values and encourage community spirit. The chance to learn ancient folk melodies and perform for peers and parents.

Whatever your goals, Sing Education lessons deliver active music-making and dynamic learning. Our teachers hail from the best universities and conservatoires. Our bespoke curriculum bridges learning across terms and year groups. Our deep experience enables us to help shape evolving industry standards.

The voice is our primary instrument. It’s one of the key ways we communicate. It has the added benefit of being free, portable and infinitely malleable. For these reasons, voice is the cornerstone of Sing Education’s approach to teaching. Through the voice pupils are able to access all areas of musicianship.

Singing Teacher


Elevate your current provision, replace a departing staff member or launch a new music programme in its entirety. Sing Education provides all the tools you need. From full HR management (recruitment, training, performance, payroll) to music strategy consultancy, curriculum development and timetabling support, we make primary music education easy and hassle-free.

Did you know Sing Education can help you meet PPA cover targets while simultaneously improving the standard of music education at your school? Let us show you how curricular music, singing assemblies and extracurricular clubs work together to provide enhanced PPA cover, as well as enriched music and arts learning.

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Sing Education currently serves more than 9,000 children every week across nearly 30 Greater London schools. But our ambition doesn’t stop there. We have the vision to expand across the UK and to influence the world of music education so that all children have access to high-quality curricular music. Read on for three key reasons why we’re the best, full service, stress-free music education partner. Hint: Every teaching solution starts and ends with you!

Since its 2014 founding, Sing Education has built a powerful network of music teachers actively collaborating and exchanging ideas. We’ve developed bespoke learning resources and classroom methodologies so every teacher works to the highest standard, starting with our shared vision and values. Lastly, our music service is holistic - from recruitment to payroll and transition cover to timetabling, we manage all the logistics so you enjoy a stress-free experience and build a music strategy that’s just right for your school.


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Leadership Team

Josh Cadman

Josh Cadman

Director & Co-Founder | School Partnerships | Finance | Strategic Development

Alice Gildea

Alice Cadman

Director & Co-Founder | Strategic Development | Teaching & Learning | School Relations | Learning Resources | Training

Bert Routledge

Bert Routledge

Director & Co-Founder | Finance | One-to-One and Small Group Provision | Resources

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