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At Sing Education we are working hard to ensure that music learning can still be taking place at home and in schools during the current COVID-19 epidemic. We have gathered together some engaging and interactive music activities suitable for home-learning for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 children, to use alongside our bank of singing-based online videos.

Come back to find more updates in the coming weeks. Happy music-making!

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1. Free Home Learning Music Lessons from Sing Education

Visit our youtube page now:
Sing Education’s newly developed home-school music lesson activity for kids – from babies to 11yo. Learn the actions and songs along with your very own Sing Education music teacher. Get your bodies and voices ready to move and sing-along at home or in your primary school. These activities are all taken from Sing Education bespoke lesson resources.

At Sing Education, our mission is to enable children to encounter the transformative power of music in their lives, by experiencing the joy of singing and making music collectively at school. While many of our nation’s children are not currently able to sing and make-music together at school at this challenging time, we want to enable children and grown-ups alike to continue to make music at home.

We have released a bank of free online learning resources on our YouTube channel. Made up of songs, musical games and creative activities, these short, engaging videos for children and grown-ups, are suitable for use in-school or for home-learning and will be updated daily by our team of music specialists.

2. Sing Education Online 1-1 music lessons

At Sing Education, we have moved our one-to-one and small group vocal and instrumental provision online for children who are staying at home and wish to continue to learn their instrument while schools are partially-closed.

Our instrumental teachers will be contributing to our bank of free online resources to enable children to continue their instrumental-learning at home during this time.

 Email for more information.

3. Singalong with Sing Gospel

Join Sing Education director Josh Cadman as he takes his weekly choir sessions online, encouraging people at home to keep singing! Join us live every Thursday evening at 7.30pm to learn new songs, get moving, and have some fun!

4. YolanDa Brown’s Big Musical Adventure

Join YolanDa Brown and the BBC Philharmonic on an exciting musical adventure. EYFS, KS1 and lower KS2 children will love joining in at home on this musical journey!

5. Sing and Sign with Sing Up

Primary school children and grown-ups alike will love joining in at home with these signed songs by Sing Up, including childhood favourites such as ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands’, ‘Sing a Rainbow’ and some Sing Up favourites such as ‘Good To Be Me’!

6. High or Low?

This music game for KS1 and 2 children reinforces the idea of high and low sound and teaches them about specific musical instruments. A fun quiz to end some musical home-learning.

7. Learn to Beatbox

Upper KS2 children will love learning the basics of beatboxing with this video from LC Beats and the Sydney Opera House.!/media/2641928/learn-to-beatbox-

8. Peter and the Wolf – listening and activities

Share this childhood favourite with KS1 and KS2 children! Begin by studying the different instruments of the orchestra by watching this wonderful video featuring the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. Children explore the way the different instruments are used to represent each character.

The worksheet below can be used to reinforce the ideas learnt in the video.

Follow this up by watching this beautiful #StayAtHome release of Peter and the Wolf from the Royal Ballet School, complete with exciting narration.

9. Try something new!

This inspiring TEDxYouth video features a young musician describing four of the benefits of playing an instrument along with some stories from her real life. This video will inspire KS2 children to continue with their music-making and maybe even to try something new!

10. Digital Concert Tour

Take children on a virtual tour and bring the Berliner Philharmoniker

Into your own home! Use the code BERLINPHIL to take a free digital tour.

11. Rhythm and Dynamics: Beethoven

Explore rhythm and dynamics and join in with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in this interactive video for KS2 children and above, which encourages active listening.!/media/2300183/exploring-rhythm-in-beethoven-s-7th-symphony

12. Monster Choir Game

KS1 children will love choosing monsters with different animal sounds to create a ‘monster choir’. Children will use the sounds and images to continue patterns.

13. Staff Wars – notation reading app

For children who already know how to read stave notation, this app (purchased for £0.99) allows children to practise their stave reading through a simple game.

14. Discover Classical Music with BBC Ten Pieces

KS2 children will love going on some exciting musical adventures with these BBC Ten Pieces videos. Children can find out about the history of the piece, why the composer created it, what instruments were used and much more, in these engaging videos from the BBC. Introduction videos are followed up by performances of the piece in full by an orchestra or other ensemble.

15. Learn how playing an instrument benefits your brain

A fun and informative video from Ted-Ed will be interesting to upper KS2 children and above, and grown-ups alike. It teaches the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument.

16. Virtual Tour: Sydney Opera House

Take a tour inside one of the most beautiful music venues in the world, from the comfort of your own home. Experience Sydney Opera House during sunrise, view rehearsals in action, and watch the sun setting over the city.


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