Our Unique Method

It’s simple. It starts with the voice.

Clear as a bell. Soft as a purr. Powerful as an idea.

The singing voice is our primary instrument. It’s the first way we communicate. As such, Sing Education’s method, teacher training and classroom experience all bloom from this single, deep root.

Being Sing Education – it’s not just what we do, it’s how we serve. Come explore the difference that first-class peripatetic music teaching can make within your primary school. Come explore Sing Education.

Our Leadership Team

Josh Cadman

Director & Co-Founder | School Partnerships | Finance | Strategic Development

Josh focuses on the strategic development of Sing Education, developing new systems and processes to enable the organisation to operate smoothly and efficiently. He also reaches out to new schools to develop musical partnerships. Lastly, Josh oversees instrumental provision, including one-to-one and small group lessons.

Close up of female, photo from waist up, female has blonde hair, smiling, wearing pink blazer, floral dress.

Alice Cadman

Director & Co-Founder | Teaching & Learning | School Relations | Resources | Training

In her role, Alice focuses on training, recruitment and teaching and learning. She develops and refines the way that we teach as an organization. Alice is responsible for the teaching style, lesson resources and how we train Sing Education teachers to deliver these. She is also instrumental in working with current school partners, covering music strategy, teaching administration, timetabling and delivery quality.

Bert Routledge

Director & Co-Founder | Finance | One-to-One and Small Group Provision | Resources

In his role, Bert focuses on business development – reaching out to schools across Greater London to form new strategic partnerships. His remit also encompasses internal project management and operations. Lastly, Bert leads development for the multimedia content appearing across our website, social channels and company newsletter.

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Our service elements

360° service – that’s what you can expect from Sing Education.

We work closely with school partners to provide all the support they need to deliver first-class music programming. Plus our flexible model means headteachers can opt in for as many – or as few – services as they need.

Have a classroom music in place? Then maybe it’s small group instrumental you need.

Offering clubs but looking to expand curricular music? Yes, we do both.

Lost a cherished music coordinator or starting from scratch? Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through the key design stages – from building a music strategy, to assessing your teaching needs, to working out your curriculum and timetable.

At Sing Education, we also fully oversee the teacher recruitment, development, payrolling and quality assessment which undergirds your music programme – so you don’t have to! That’s what makes us one of London’s leading peripatetic music education providers.

Why music?

Do you remember your primary school music teacher?

Her way of boldly marching to demonstrate rhythm? His way of tempting the very shyest to join in lessons? You’re fortunate.

So many adults didn’t have those experiences. Parents of our young learners today often tell us how they had poor introductions to music at primary – or worse yet, no access at all. As a result, they were put off music altogether.

At Sing Education, we strive to ignite the aspirations of all students – the high achievers, those with special educational needs, as well as children with English as an additional language. Music is an academic subject that all pupils can access in an equal way to express themselves. Music also provides a boost for children’s wellbeing and an outlet for their emotions.

Don’t leave good music up to chance. Come explore what Sing Education has to offer.

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Some Happy Schools

My class very much enjoys their music lessons. Our Sing Education specialist is well organised and skilled. The lessons are planned so that they build on prior learning each week, and behaviour management is good.
Year 5 Class Teacher - Coston Primary School
We are absolutely delighted with our Sing Education specialist. Thank you for the continued great customer service.
Kerry Shilling – Head, Selborne Primary School
Having the expertise and skill of Sing Education has promoted music to the high stakes curriculum area that it deserves to be. We are really excited about the future of music for our children.
Leonie Lobo – Head, Ravenor Primary School
Female sitting at a piano, hands on the piano, female in black floral dress, two primary pupils in background.

Joining our team

Are you an ambitious music graduate who’s committed to honing your craft, works well with young learners and has the desire to be at the forefront of music education?

Then Sing Education may be just the place for you.

Sing Education teachers are graduates from top universities and conservatoires. They’re sourced and trained specifically for primary school teaching and they receive ongoing team-based development throughout their careers. We support them with classroom management techniques,Sing Education’s Schemes of Work and training to deliver lessons using our own brand of high-energy, singing-led music.

As one of London’s leading providers of peripatetic music specialists, we also offer staff a very attractive set of working conditions, salary and benefits and team culture.

If you are a dynamic musician with a performance, theory or production degree and you’d love to share your passion, enquire about current opportunities.