Music Changes Lives

Quick. Your first memory of school music? Christmas show Year 3? Guitar solo Year 6?

If music was key to your early academics and you loved it, you likely had a skilled teacher plus dynamic, engaging lessons. Just like ours.

But now you’re a headteacher shaping music at your own school. Lots of decisions.

Adding/replacing staff? Need multi-school experience, resources and PPA cover flexibility? If yes, Sing Education has a music strategy for you

Need Replacement Music Staff?

It happens.

A beloved teacher retires. 

Your music coordinator leaves for a new challenge.

When you need a teacher, look to Sing Education.

Our music provision service can meet your needs any time of year. Our expertise and years’ experience means we can recruit, train and onboard a new peripatetic music teacher in weeks – not months. And not only do you get a skilled, credentialed, engaging music professional, you benefit from their classroom management, safeguarding and multi-school experience.

Services we provide to support SEND teaching and learning vary from team training sessions with SENDCo’s, specialised support in class and training for staff.
We have developed an inclusive learning and teaching model such as short activities and fixed transition times, which allows all children to experience music.
We are dedicated to creating an inclusive teaching environment and accessible resources for primary children and staff, such as props and team training.

Ready to take the first step?

Sing Education offers tailored programmes for every need. Engagements as simple as supplying peripatetic instrumental instructors or replacing a single year-group teacher. To programmes as complex as developing school-wide curricular and extracurricular music.

Our Sing Education specialist is an extremely talented musician, with the character and skills to communicate a love of and ability in music to our pupils and staff. The children are enthused, confident and engaged. I have no hesitation in recommending Sing Education.

Sue Hussey – Head, St Clement & St James Primary School

Enhancing Your Music Offering?

Exciting times.

A new mandate for music. Additional budget for staff, instruments and extracurriculars.

When you need a fresh approach, look to Sing Education.

Our bespoke music provision suits all academic needs, budgets and settings. Implementing changes to strengthen your offering? Seeking PPA cover? Adjusting the timetable so assemblies and clubs are the heart of your expanded music programme? Overdue for a music audit and new equipment hire? Whatever your challenge, leave it to us.

Sing Education have a reputation at the primary schools they work in for bringing bespoke music provision that is specialised, accessible, and organised
We source our music teachers from leading conservatoires and universities, we provide ongoing training and are proud of our well-established teaching resources.
Benefit from high-quality, stress-free music provision and upskill your class teachers through exposure to best-practice lessons by well-trained music teachers.

Call us for a demo lesson today

Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” At Sing Education we agree. All our highly-skilled music teachers hail from the best conservatoires and universities. They are talented professional musicians with a passion for teaching.

Having the expertise and skill of Sing Education has promoted music to the high stakes curriculum area that it deserves to be. We are really excited about the future of music for our children.

Leonie Lobo – Head, Ravenor Primary School

New Strategy for Music?

Blue sky thinking.

When it’s all to play for. Best practice brought to life.

Need brand new foundations for music? Look to Sing Education.

Our unique provision delivers the National Curriculum for Music using proprietary Schemes of Work and learning resources. Teacher recruitment plus ongoing training and management are included as well. We also integrate our expert insight on inclusion, accessibility and student wellbeing. 

All designed to help you successfully embed a new strategy for music at your school.

We ensure you receive high-quality music provision at the right operational model for you with all hiring, training, timetabling and management covered!
Workshop performances allow children to share their passion for music with the wider school community and develop their skills mastery and learning progression.
Vocal and instrumental lessons are valuable in any primary setting as they have a positive impact on children’s confidence, wellbeing and cognitive development.