Room to Grow – Sing Education Comes to Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester

Sing Education understands the life-changing power of music. That’s why we’re excited to bring our unique brand of high-energy, high-quality primary school music tuition to schools across the country. Our newest geographies include The Midlands, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

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One good turn deserves another.

Sing Education has a lot to be proud of:

  • Over a decade’s experience in the classroom
  • A bespoke curriculum which exceeds the standards set forth in the National Plan for Music Education and 
  • More than 28,000 children learning each week under the guidance of our well-trained music specialists

We also have a lot of room for growth.

Building off our success providing music services across London, Kent and North Yorkshire – we’re expanding our delivery footprint.

From the coming academic year, Sing Education will be bringing the transformative power of music to pupils, schools and communities in three new locations – namely, Birmingham, Leeds and Manchester.

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Children wearing a blue uniform with a white polo shirt are singing and looking off camera to the left. They are performing in a singing concert
People walking near a glass building in Birmingham. In the bottom left corner there is a sign pointing to New Street Station and the reflections of the city can be seen in the glass windows of the building.

Birmingham - Partnerships and Teacher Training with RBC

The Bullring. The Balti. The Black Country Museum.

Birmingham has an amazing array of cultural, commercial and culinary highlights to offer visitors and locals alike. 

So there’s no surprise that it is also home to one of the most esteemed music conservatories in the UK (and worldwide). 

The city’s Royal Birmingham Conservatoire offers both undergraduate and graduate degree tracks focusing on Performance and Pedagogy, building on the resources of its £57 million teaching and performance estate.

But did you know that Sing Education, in partnership with The Richard M. Shephard Music Foundation, has been working with the RBC to develop the next generation of music educators?

“In the second year, [students] participate in classes designed to help [them] develop as a teacher in [their] primary specialism (instrument/voice, composition or music technology). There [are] also talks from external practitioners including from local arts organisations and music education providers, connecting [them] to potential future employers and the wider music education landscape.” RBC

As well as participating in RBC’s schools programme – providing direct classroom exposure – conservatoire students also have the opportunity to gain experience in teaching whole-class music using Kodály principles and techniques alongside specialist music teachers from Sing Education. 

The degree students also complete an online training module and take part in a final group training session. The training covers everything from musical gestures, use of rhythm flashcards, principles of instrument teaching, and various song-teaching techniques. All of these elements form the foundation of Sing Education’s music pedagogy.

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Leeds - An Industrial Capital with a Musical Soul

A hand-held keyboard.

Powered by blowing air through a mouthpiece.

Easy to learn, fund and maintain.

Gateway to further studies, including accordion, piano and organ.

If you’re not yet familiar with the melodica, you should be.

“Critics say that the UK music education system has been failing for years because of shrinking budgets, recently exaggerated by the pandemic – but those behind the Keyboard Studies Programme believe the melodica could be a low-cost solution to disappearing music lessons in Leeds.

Now, thanks to a Leeds-based music education scheme, the melodica will be appearing in classrooms, where it can resonate with the country’s youngest musicians.” TYP

Sing Education are coming to Leeds!

And we’re bringing our commitment to high-quality, high-energy curricular and extracurricular tuition. 

And while we know that Every Child Has A Voice, we also know the value that small group and one-to-one instrumental lessons can have for reinforcing classroom learning.

Ukulele or guitar?

Recorder or flute?

Keyboard, violin or voice?

When it comes to tuition with Sing Education, there are so many choices. 

And all of them good!

“There’s little doubt that learning to play a musical instrument is great for developing brains.

Science has shown that when children learn to play music, their brains begin to hear and process sounds that they couldn’t otherwise hear. This helps them develop “neurophysiological distinction” between certain sounds that can aid in literacy, which can translate into improved academic results for kids.” TIM

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A photo taken from above showing a view of Leeds. In the background you can see trees and landscapes and in the foreground there are a huge mixture of old buildings, skyscrapers and apartments.

Manchester - Multi-Threaded City is in Our Musical DNA

Once upon a time Manchester ran on cotton. 

Steam power, canals and mills combined to give the city pride of place during the UK’s industrial revolution.

But as time marched on, so did the city’s industry and vision for the future. Leaving the Victorian era behind, Manchester’s young, fast-growing population developed new aspirations – many of them expressed through music.

The ‘Madchester’ scene was a pretty amazing time in music history, this was a musical and cultural scene originating right in the city in the late 1980’s. This saw many artists combining indie music with elements of different genres including rave music, acid house and 1960’s pop. The ‘Madchester’ scene still has a lasting influence on music of today.

[B]ands such as The Stone Roses, The 1975, Oasis, The Happy Mondays and The Smiths all originated from Manchester. CLA

Manchester is also where Sing Education has its musical and pedagogical roots. 

Josh and Alice Cadman, two of our founders, both trained at the Royal Northern College of Music. Josh completed his Bachelor of Music (Hons) in Music Performance, while Alice received her Bachelor of Music (Hons) with a first class distinction in Vocal Studies.

“My time at the Royal Northern College of Music (RNCM) was transformative both musically and educationally, laying the foundation for founding Sing Education. The education modules provided a comprehensive overview of holistic music education, emphasising ensemble singing and child-focused teaching. This was crucial as both Alice and I, who met at RNCM, were studying vocal and opera studies, gaining essential skills for leading large-scale ensemble singing.

“After graduation, I worked in both secondary and primary schools, leading whole-school singing and singing assemblies. The positive feedback from headteachers highlighted a need for skilled music educators. Alice’s work through an RNCM outreach project in challenging inner-city primary schools revealed a significant gap in specialist music education, especially for children from disadvantaged backgrounds with complex behavioural and social needs.

“We developed training programs to equip our peers with the confidence and techniques to manage and engage large groups of children. Our curriculum focused on age-appropriate, enjoyable music that was engaging and fun, rather than strictly classical that might be alienating or pop music that was vocal unatainable. By making lessons and assemblies snappy and fast-paced, we ensured that children remained engaged, even those not accustomed to extended periods of music-making. This holistic and adaptable approach became the backbone of Sing Education.” – Josh Cadman, Co-founder

Sing Education was born out of the bold and daring vision shared by its co-founders – Alice Cadman, Josh Cadman and Bert Routledge. 

Our dream is simple: we want every child to be touched by the wonder of music, transforming how they learn and grow. In our team, we’re always thinking ahead, aiming to enhance music education in our primary schools with fresh, creative approaches and tools.

Alice is dedicated to the art of teaching. She’s constantly refining our educational methods, sourcing the best materials, and ensuring our teachers are equipped to inspire young minds.

Josh, on the other hand, is the architect of our organisational strategy. He’s the guiding hand behind our seamless operations and strives to maintain strong bonds with our partner schools. He also offers invaluable advice to headteachers currently refreshing or rethinking their music programming. His goal – to deliver excellence across curricular and co-curicular music education, while also ensuring schools and pupils stay connected with the wider music community.

To learn more about Sing Education, including how our music provision, online instrumental lessons and at-home learning resources contribute to a well-rounded music curriculum, please visit

About Us

Founded in 2014 and serving more than 28,000 children each week, Sing Education is a first class provider of primary school music education. Focusing on high-quality, singing-led tuition, we deliver a complete solution for schools which includes teacher recruitment, training and management, bespoke curricular resources and educational consultancy services. 

Through music lessons, singing assemblies, choirs, after school clubs and instrumental tuition, Sing Education works with students from Nursery right through to Year 6. Our core philosophy is that “Every Child Has A Voice,” and, as educators active in the classroom, our directors and teachers know firsthand how much young learners benefit from exciting, rewarding music education. 

Sing Education currently partners with schools throughout Greater London and Kent, as well as Yorkshire and the Humber. 

Not yet on the list? Please enquire about our expansion plans for additional areas we will serve during the 2023-24 academic year.

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Children wearing a blue uniform with a white polo shirt are singing and looking off camera to the left. They are performing in a singing concert

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