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Think back. 

When you graduated from conservatoire or university, music degree proudly in hand, what hopes and dreams did you have for life ahead? Working musician, composer, teacher – how about a career opportunity that lets you combine all three?

When you join Sing Education’s peripatetic teaching faculty you don’t have to give up on your aspirations. Our flexible contracts, teacher training curriculum, comprehensive lesson resources and schools portfolio across Greater London means you can have it all. Choose your dreams, choose Sing Education.

Teachers Knowledge Centre

Think back. 

When you graduated from conservatoire or university, music degree proudly in hand, what hopes and dreams did you have for life ahead? Working musician, composer, teacher – how about a career opportunity that lets you combine all three?

When you join Sing Education’s peripatetic teaching faculty you don’t have to give up on your aspirations. Our flexible contracts, teacher training curriculum, comprehensive lesson resources and schools portfolio across Greater London means you can have it all. Choose your dreams, choose Sing Education.

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Our Team

Sing Education is a very special place to work. Our teaching standards are high because we recruit the best music graduates and practitioners and then extensively train and support them to deliver our bespoke, singing-led music curriculum.

We serve primary schools across the breadth of London – enabling us to spread not just the joy of music education, but also to live out our core values such as “Confident and resourceful in the face of challenge.”

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In all that we do, Sing Education places singing-led tuition at the heart of our teaching programme. We recognise the importance of having a really solid and consistent foundation across our all Sing Education staff – including values, resources and techniques – so that each and every team member works from common ground, from common frameworks.
Walk it. Bike it. Bus it or Tube it. The journey to inspire the next generation of young musicians and music lovers takes many forms. Make one your very own. Teach at one of Sing Education’s 25+ schools and accept a placement which suits not only your travel preferences but also your highest career aspirations.
5 letter dice that spell out the word teach
Bravery. Honesty. Teamwork. What do you stand for? At Sing Education we place strong values like honesty and transparency at the core of our teaching, staff management and school relationships. Go ahead, join us and see how great it feels to wear your heart on your sleeve – and to bring your values to work every day.
Training and development is in our DNA at Sing Education. In fact, our director Alice makes it her full-time commitment not only to develop the lessons we teach and the classroom techniques we use, but also to support the professional growth of our teachers. Measure yourself at the end of term – you’ll be delighted by the difference.
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A* for Music Teaching Excellence

We are passionate about providing a range of high quality training to teachers such as group training sessions, team teaching and online training.

Sing Education’s Vision and Values

Our values help us to source and train our team to deliver high quality music education, through inspiring a passion for music and constantly honing our craft.

Are we teaching in your community?

Sing Education delivers singing-led, primary music education to schools across London including Ealing, Hillingdon and Wandsworth. We aim to place teachers in schools closer to home.

Class Music Teacher

Hear that? It’s the sound of the glockenspiel, the recorder, the drum. It’s the sound of voices rising in harmony to sing an ancient folk song. It’s the sound of Sing Education, the sound of active music making. Our singing-led approach differs greatly from other providers – lessons offer a wide variety of activities and instruments, rather than long stretches on a topic or methodology.

On a typical day, you’d likely be in school by 8:30am, preparing for a full day. First, you might join a staff briefing. Next teaching time would kick off with a singing assembly followed by three to four curriculum music lessons, a lunchtime choir club, and a few more lessons. In the afternoon, you’ll have after-school programming like a SEND club. But not to worry, you’re supported with age-appropriate Schemes of Work, daily lesson plans and practical guidance from the Sing Education directors and team.

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Close up-Hand holding brown wooden beater above brown wooden glockenspiel
Photo-music teacher smiling with basket of instruments.
A shy voice shines bright. A language barrier is overcome. A musical connection is made that lasts a lifetime. This is what high-energy, active music-making is all about. This is Sing Education at its best. Find out what good classroom music teaching looks like. Become instrumental in making the magic happen. (Every pun intended!)
It’s a busy Monday. There’s the all-hands staff meeting to discuss Ofsted’s upcoming visit. Thursday’s singing assembly is a special send-off for your retiring SENCO and after school guitar lessons have just been added to the timetable – starting this week! But you love it and take it all in stride. It’s just a day in the life.
Sing Education takes music pedagogy very seriously. That’s why we’ve developed more than 48 Schemes of Work, 200 songs and activities and 1824 lesson plans to teach primary school music to such a high standard. Our materials are tried and tested – and in their 6th edition. Imagine it – first-class teaching resources right at your fingertips.
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Classroom Leadership – High Standards, Great Results

Leadership in Action – Values, Skills and Training At Sing Education, leading in the classroom requires far more than first-rate musical training and a desire to teach. It’s all that and more – including curriculum mastery, classroom management skills, safeguarding knowledge and living out a set of values that put pupils first. Learn how our Director of Education ensures our standards are high and our teaching is excellent.

Hubs And Spokes | Reborn! The Case for Great Music

St. George’s wanted to serve its pupils, parents and community better. Learn why the headteacher chose music as the heart of its rebirth.

Gold-Star Recruitment and Retention

In our experience as a leading curricular music provider, Sing Education has looked at the reason why so many music, art and theatre teachers struggle to stay engaged with their chosen career – despite their overwhelming love for children and primary education.

Instrumental Music Teacher

Instrumental lessons are a key component of the music programme for many of our schools. Teaching usually runs 30 minutes in length and focuses on small group tuition with 5-6 students in attendance at any given time. There is also the potential to deliver one-to-one sessions in some academic settings. Lessons cover a variety of instrumental and musicianship skills and are designed to reinforce the understanding that what pupils learn in an instrumental lesson is linked to what they learn in their curriculum music lesson.

Currently Sing Education offer lessons in keyboard, ukulele, guitar, singing, violin, recorder and flute. Teachers typically work with a variety of instruments within their specialisms. In addition, they are responsible for collecting pupils from their classrooms, ensuring that students are in attendance at their lesson and communicating with classroom teachers and school office staff to ensure smooth delivery of the instrumental timetable.

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Ukulele, a Violin, a Violin bow, and a Recorder in a line on a black table (from left to right).
Male and three primary KS2 pupils, all holding ukuleles, all sitting on chairs in the hall.
Flute, Guitar. Violin. Just three options available through Sing Education’s instrumental programme. Each of our 25+ primary schools has a bespoke plan for instrumental and vocal music – small group or one-to-one, school day tuition or after school clubs, term time or holidays – we make instrumental lessons fun, engaging and easy to fit into pupils’ and parents’ schedules.
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Great Hall or modest hallway. School day lesson or after school club. Small group or one-to-one. Instrumental music teachers at Sing Education love their roles because they know they are actively shaping the next generation of young musicians while inspiring others with a passion for music bound to last a lifetime.
With Sing Education, classroom music and instrumental lessons fit together so very naturally. That’s because all our peripatetic music pedagogy springs from the same curricular root. Our comprehensive Schemes of Work and tuition plans ensure that what primary students learn in the classroom builds on their instrumental practice at home and vice versa. It’s a match made in heaven.
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Inventing, Experimenting, Growing – Musical Creativity Meets Productivity

If you’re not yet familiar with Sing Education, we hope this introduction to our full service music provision, music specialist staff, planning and curriculum resources, as well as our senior leadership team, will encourage you to dive deeper with us.

Dairy Meadow in the Spotlight – Primary School Music Education in Action

Spotlight on Dairy Meadow. Explore what differentiates music education at this thriving West London primary school. Hear from the headteacher plus the Sing Education music specialist and leadership team.

Instrumental is Instrumental – Small Group and 1:1 Music Tuition

As the perfect complement to Sing Education’s curricular offering, our high-calibre music specialists provide active,engaging instrumental lessons to pupils throughout the school day – prioritising musical understanding, enjoyment and progression over perfection.


Cover music teaching takes a special kind of skill. You need to be flexible, resourceful, quick-footed and most of all have a real passion for teaching primary school pupils. But the support from Sing Education is tremendous – lesson plans, onboarding, classroom technique training. And as our current teachers will tell you – the rewards are priceless.
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What if Sing Education could produce the very best music education resources available to train young learners from nursery straight through to the end of KS2 and then train up a cadre of excellent teachers to deliver their singing-led approach to schools across London? Done! As a teacher you are provided with start-to-finish lesson planning for every single lesson across the full years’ curriculum – a comprehensive and quite detailed guide to the day’s lesson, featuring every single activity, learning objective, development, etc.
Our music specialist teachers are using their training and resources to adapt classroom-style music to suit the current need in our schools. Sing Education are continuing to deliver a full or altered (where requested) in-school music provision. Highlights include mixed provision of classroom-style music, wellbeing singing sessions, instrumental and vocal small group lessons, club-style music and drama activities.

Hubs And Spokes | Cover and Instrumental Teaching – Find Your Musical Groove

Working musicians value flexibility, independence. Working musicians specialising in cover or instrumental tuition for Sing Education get that PLUS plus training, resources, support and consistent placements.

Cover, The Long And Short Of It

Cover music teachers help schools manage day-to-day provision and curricular teacher absences

Joining Us

Sing Education teachers are the heart of our peripatetic music offering. We rely on staff to inspire students and to deliver our high quality music curriculum. In exchange, we support teachers fully – helping them develop classroom skills, providing top notch lesson materials, managing their timetabling, payroll and administrative needs whilst creating opportunities for career growth. Enquire today!
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Female and a male (left to right), sitting at a light brown table, laughing, bottle and mug on the table.
Have what it takes to become a Sing Education primary school music educator? Then get in touch. We’ll explore your skills and abilities, while sharing our values and approach. If it’s a good match, we’ll progress your interest to the interview stage followed by a classroom lesson opportunity and ultimately an offer. Your bright future awaits!
Sing Education offers our music teachers classroom training, leadership development, bespoke curricular resources and peer support. If you are a first-class graduate with a vision of transforming young lives through music, explore the key traits, skills and abilities we recruit for new teaching staff. Put your passion to work!
Female standing up, holding drumsticks in her hands, wearing floral dress, backs of primary pupils' heads in the background.
Two females and one male having a meeting around a table, a laptop and Sing Education mugs on table.
Teaching primary school music is one part art, one part science and one part vocational calling. So if you’d like to join the Sing Education specialist music team, but have a few questions, please do explore our Teachers FAQ. And if your query isn’t answered, kindly reach out to us directly.
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Teach with Sing Education

Interested in joining our team of music specialists? Here are the answers to the questions we get asked most about applying for our music teacher roles.

Put Your Passion to Work

When we are looking for Sing Education music teachers, we look for professional and enthusiastic music graduates looking to inspire young learners in school.

Find Your Happy Place

Whether you have already applied or you’re just thinking about it, here is a guide to our high-quality recruitment process.

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