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Sing Education offers more than an employment contract. We recruit the very best music graduates and practitioners, train them up thoroughly in our singing-led tuition method and support their day-to-day teaching experience with bespoke Schemes of Work, lesson planning, classroom management techniques and advisory from our directors.


Sing Education is very proud of the diverse and talented team of professionals that make up our central delivery team. Through our deep network of industry contacts, word of mouth referrals and year-round recruitment activities, we work diligently to attract, upskill and retain the highest calibre graduates, working musicians and qualified teachers to deliver our bespoke music education curriculum into primary schools across London.

We have developed our curricular music programming on the basis of our core belief in active music-making. Sing Education lessons are by definition high-energy, engaging and accessible to all – with singing as a cornerstone of the experience. We believe that young learners should have a well-rounded and deeply personal experience with music in order to develop a well-trained ear, head and hand. To do this we incorporate folk-based songs, rhymes, and games to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of all of the musical principles. This is what we mean by singing-led tuition.

Female in music classroom, hands clapping in front of her and a KS1 primary pupil copying.

When you become part of the Sing Education team, it’s not just an employment contract that you enter into. It’s also a mission, vision and set of values that you adopt. For example, we are committed to building honest relationships with action and truth. Music allows us and teaches us to express ourselves – we want to be authentic people and teach children to be authentic too. By making music and singing together in school we can form deep and meaningful connections with our peers and colleagues.

The benefits for teachers of joining the Sing Education family are many. Current team members cite our steady contracted hours, shared teaching resources, regular training opportunities, real-time peer collaboration (we’ve got an app for that!) and our extended support network as key elements that set Sing Education apart from other music education providers. In addition, these same factors set us apart from other working structures (freelance or supply teaching, for example). These factors not only impact teachers’ decision to join Sing Education, but also play a central role in their ongoing happiness in post.

Female in music classroom, hands in front of her, singing, sitting in circle, 10 KS1 primary pupils

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