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Salford’s Sonic Sounds

Transform your Salford school with the magic of music! Our passionate music teachers provide fun-filled lessons and PPA cover, making every classroom a hub of musical creativity and engaging students with the joy of music.

Salford’s Sonic Sounds

Transform your Salford school with the magic of music! Our passionate music teachers provide fun-filled lessons and PPA cover, making every classroom a hub of musical creativity and engaging students with the joy of music.

Some of our local partner schools

Music Magic in Every Classroom

At Sing Education, we’re all about the magic of music! Our superstar music teachers work hand-in-hand with local schools to create unforgettable musical experiences.

From sparking creativity to boosting confidence, our tailored music programs fit right into your school’s rhythm. Our top-notch training for teaching staff and ongoing support ensure every lesson hits the high notes, making music a highlight of every school day.

Whether it’s PPA cover or full-time music instruction, we bring the best in music education to your students.

A group of joyful schoolchildren, dressed in blue uniforms, are seated on the floor, their attention seemingly captured by an engaging activity. Their bright smiles and animated expressions convey a sense of excitement and camaraderie, reflecting the lively and positive atmosphere of a classroom environment.
If it takes a village to raise one child, how many helping hands does it take to reach 28,000? That’s how many young lives Sing Education are able to touch each week, bringing the transformative power of music. Learn how we make good on this ancient proverb.
Spotlight on Downe Manor. Music programming that combines pupil excellence, curricular creativity and a flair for the dramatic – as in regular concert performances! Learn how the headteacher and Sing Education collaborate on high-quality music provision.
High-quality CPD for educators shares several distinct hallmarks – focus on pupil outcomes, robust evidence and expertise, a long-term strategic investments and prioritisation by senior leadership. Plus research by the Wellcome Trust shows it can be one the best investments a school can make to transform pupil outcomes, teacher confidence and staff retention.

Ready to take the first step?

Sing Education offers tailored programmes for every need. Engagements as simple as supplying peripatetic instrumental instructors or replacing a single year-group teacher. To programmes as complex as developing school-wide curricular and extracurricular music.

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The Sing Education team are dedicated teaching professionals who are able to engage with children of all capabilities and needs. Their passion and love of music is infectious, and children are engrossed and engaged.

Ellie Douthwaite - Headteacher, St Clement & St James CE Primary School

Two joyful schoolchildren are playing blue ukuleles, sharing a moment of musical learning and enjoyment. Their bright smiles and focused expressions convey a sense of fun and engagement with the activity, highlighting the interactive and creative aspects of music education. The setting appears to be a bright classroom, enhancing the lively and positive atmosphere of the scene.

Teaming Up with Local Schools

We’re thrilled to team up with amazing schools across the area, bringing the joy of music to life. Our handpicked music teachers light up classrooms with engaging, toe-tapping lessons that get everyone involved.

Whether it’s whole-class jam sessions or small group magic, we make sure every student gets a chance to shine. By partnering closely with school communities, we customize our approach to meet each school’s unique vibe, providing exceptional PPA cover and music programs.

With our expert teaching staff, every day becomes a musical adventure.

A new day is dawning in music education. From September 2024, there will be 43 Hub Lead Organisations (HLOs) replacing the existing 116 local Music Hubs. The key to making the new structure work? Strong schools’ leadership, parental engagement, and organisational collaboration.
Spotlight on Morningside Primary. Music lessons in an inclusive yet culturally and ethnically diverse setting. Learn how the headteacher and Sing Education collaborate on high-quality music education in Hackney.
Team. Features. Timetables. SLAs. Price. Choosing a service provider is rarely an easy exercise. But with a decade of supplier experience, Sing Education wants to demystify the process and support your journey. Never settle! Just follow this guide and you’ll avoid catching a case of “buyer’s remorse.” Know. Like. Trust. These are the keys.

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Einstein said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.” At Sing Education we agree. All our highly-skilled music teachers hail from the best conservatoires and universities. They are talented professional musicians with a passion for teaching.

Quotation marks

Sing Education’s philosophy and approach appealed to us immediately. They took the time to get to know our school, to understand our vision for music and they were flexible and patient in working with us to ensure we could provide the best offer for our children within the budget we had available.

Sarah Roberts – Head of School, William Byrd Primary Academy

Nativity plays, instrumental concerts, singing assemblies and carolling – join Sing Education as we explore extracurricular music this December.
If you’re not yet familiar with Sing Education, we hope this introduction to our full service music provision, music specialist staff, planning and curriculum resources, as well as our senior leadership team, will encourage you to dive deeper with us.
Spotlight on Dairy Meadow. Explore what differentiates music education at this thriving West London primary school. Hear from the headteacher plus the Sing Education music specialist and leadership team.

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