Dairy Meadow in the Spotlight – Primary School Music Education in Action

Spotlight on Dairy Meadow. Explore what differentiates music education at this thriving West London primary school. Hear from the headteacher plus the Sing Education music specialist and leadership team.

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Ever wanted to take a sneak peek behind the scenes at Sing Education? 

To see up close and personal how we work with schools, headteachers, pupils and parents to create outstanding primary music education experiences? 

To learn about the months of preparation that go into curricular and extracurricular music delivery, the amazing educational outcomes that our children experience and the difference that music makes in their young lives?

Well now’s your chance!

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Each term across the school year, Sing Education will share a highlight from one of the more than 80 schools with which we partner. We’ll speak in-depth with the school’s headteacher and curricular music specialist, as well as the Sing Education leadership team to provide insights into how we work together to build a great school music programme.

Rural or urban. Independent or trust-based. Single form or Multi-form entry. Sing Education school partners share one clear, common bond…to inspire a lifelong love for music, fostering creativity and confidence in every child.

Let’s start our exploration this term with Dairy Meadow Primary School in West London.

We’ll hear first from Mrs Alison Reed, Dairy Meadow’s headteacher, followed by Johanna Smith, their Sing Education music specialist. Lastly, we’ll hear from Bert Routledge, Sing Education’s Director of 1:1 and Small Group Provision.

A joyful classroom scene unfolds with a smiling girl in a blue shirt clapping her hands, surrounded by her peers in a blur of activity. The image celebrates Sing Education's impact at Dairy Meadow School since 2016, highlighting the 824 pupils who have experienced their music lessons, as indicated by the vibrant graphics overlaying the photo.
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Dairy Meadow - A Primary School with Music at Its Heart

Mrs. Reed, tell us a little about Dairy Meadow.

We are a Primary School in Southall, West London which serves a diverse, vibrant, multi-cultural community. Children at our school come from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds including India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa, and the Caribbean. Most of our children speak a language other than English at home, fortunately many of our staff are multi-lingual and can answer parent and carer  questions in a language   they are comfortable in. Our children are delightful, learning and playing together and finding out about their similarities and differences.


How would you describe your mandate as an educator?

Our whole staff, teachers, office staff, everyone, has sat down together to discuss ‘What is education REALLY about?’ Why have we all chosen to work in a school? We truly believe that our role is to prepare children for the future, not only academically,  but with the personal and social skills they need to flourish, and the aspiration and ambition to pursue what interests them. Children need the opportunity to ‘try things out’ and that includes music! Who knows where it might lead them?


What is your vision for music at Dairy Meadow?

We want children to see themselves as musicians! We want a strong music curriculum where children both learn the fundamentals and experience the joy of music and performance. We want them to build the skills and knowledge that will support a life-long love of music.


Why did you choose Sing Education as your partner for music?

We choose to partner with Sing Education because they really support our vision for music at Dairy Meadow. Children learn both the theory and practice of music and, really importantly, the Sing Education teacher arranges opportunities for them to perform. The lunchtime choir is really popular, and children love being able to perform at the summer fair or sing carols at a local care home.

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Dairy Meadow - Where Children Thrive and Music Changes Lives

Miss Smith, what differentiates your experience as a Sing Education teacher?

Seeing my classes once per week, I tend to be greeted with a lot of pent up excitement and anticipation. The students love all their teachers and their lessons, but music in Dairy Meadow is a very special thing. I still get the time to build teacher-student relationships with each class though, which is very important to me.


How does Sing Education curriculum and methodology support your teaching?

The Sing Education Curriculum and Methodology are at the centre of everything I do. It is what I’ve built my teaching around – and you can see how it helps students progress and gain confidence through the lessons.


Tell us about your placement relationship with your school and headteacher?

Dairy Meadow loves music and really appreciates the work we do in the school. I have a very supportive Music Lead/Coordinator who has a musical background too, and the Head Teacher is always popping in and out of lessons, taking part and enjoying the students learning.


Where do you feel most stretched in terms of your role/your school?

Dairy Meadow students show an advanced knowledge in music and their performance, so I’m always trying to find new ways to challenge and stretch them. They are very inquisitive, and  sometimes their questions mean I have to go away and do more research on a subject so I can better help their learning.


Tell us about your students and their musical progression since joining Dairy Meadow.

I’ve been working with my Year 6 students for almost 5 years now, and I have really enjoyed seeing their progression through the years. They are confident and skilled musicians now, who will be a huge asset to any Secondary School they go to.

Click to download the full Dairy Meadow School Spotlight
A group of enthusiastic young students in school uniforms are engaged in a singing assembly, with expressions of focus and enjoyment as they participate in the musical activity. The overlaying graphics highlight the school's name, Dairy Meadow, and celebrate the number of singing assemblies conducted by Sing Education since 2016, indicating a total of 532 assemblies. The image conveys a sense of community and the joy of collective music-making in an educational setting.
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Dairy Meadow - A Model Partner for Music Education

Mr. Routledge, what are you most encouraged by/challenged by in terms of education today?

I’m most excited about the evolving landscape of education, emphasising creativity and holistic development. The challenge lies in addressing individual needs while maintaining a standardised quality of education.


What is your vision for music at Dairy Meadow?

Our vision for music at Dairy Meadow is to inspire a lifelong love for music, fostering creativity and confidence in every child, with plenty of opportunities for them to explore music in lessons, clubs and performances.


What are some of your proudest achievements at the school?

We know that Sing Education’s unique approach to child-centred, active music making positively transforms pupils – enhancing their cognitive skills, teamwork, and self-expression.

Some of our proudest moments specifically at Dairy Meadow include cultivating a vibrant music culture, fostering talent, and creating memorable performances, such as our school’s cluster performance.


How is Sing Education different from other music education solutions? And what does the future look like at Dairy Meadow?

Sing Education  stands out with its tailored approach, blending curriculum expertise and dedicated music teachers for a unique educational experience.

When we first engaged with Dairy Meadow seven years ago, we started by crafting a bespoke music program which involved understanding their ethos, engaging with their teachers and tailoring content to meet the school’s needs. 

Now as we look to the 2024-25 school year and beyond, the future at Dairy Meadow is about continuous innovation, expanding opportunities, and nurturing a community where music thrives.

Click to download the full Dairy Meadow School Spotlight

To learn more about Sing Education, including how our music provision, online instrumental lessons and at home learning resources contribute to a well-rounded music curriculum, please visit www.singeducation.co.uk/schools 

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Founded in 2014 and serving more than 16,000 children each week, Sing Education is a first class provider of primary school music education. Focusing on high-quality, singing-led tuition, we deliver a complete solution for schools which includes teacher recruitment, training and management, bespoke curricular resources and educational consultancy services. 

Through music lessons, singing assemblies, choirs, after school clubs and instrumental tuition, Sing Education works with students from Nursery right through to Year 6. Our core philosophy is that “Every Child Has A Voice,” and, as educators active in the classroom, our directors and teachers know firsthand how much young learners benefit from exciting, rewarding music education. 

Sing Education currently partners with schools throughout Greater London and Kent, as well as Yorkshire and the Humber. 

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