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With Sing Education’s classroom, instrumental and clubs provision, your pupils receive first-class music instruction that builds skills, confidence and wellbeing. Our peripatetic teaching not only meets DfE curricular standards, but also comes with a comprehensive support package. We take the stress and guesswork out of teacher recruitment, training, lesson planning and management. So whether it’s PPA cover you need or full-service consultancy, we can help.

Teaching & Learning

Music education offers rich benefits for schools and pupils. The chance to embed school values and encourage community spirit. The chance to learn ancient folk melodies and perform for peers and parents.

Whatever your goals, Sing Education lessons deliver active music making and dynamic learning. Our teachers hail from the best universities and conservatoires. Our bespoke curriculum bridges learning across terms and year groups. Our deep experience enables us to help shape evolving industry standards.

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Two KS2 primary pupils, holding Ukuleles, sitting in school hall, on chairs, both pupils holding brown Ukuleles, smiling.
The voice is our primary instrument. It’s one of the key ways we communicate. It has the added benefit of being free, portable and infinitely malleable. For these reasons, voice is the cornerstone of Sing Education’s approach to teaching. Through the voice pupils are able to access all areas of musicianship.
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From our founder/directors to our senior teaching staff to our newest recruit, Sing Education attracts music talent from the very best universities and conservatories in the UK. We then incorporate robust training in classroom technique, provide day-to-day performance management and offer long-term professional development. Come meet the team!
Two KS2 primary pupils, holding Ukuleles, sitting in school hall, on chairs, both pupils holding brown Ukuleles, smiling.
Female lining up different musical instruments, brown basket next to her, tambourine in hand, maraca and tambourine on floor
Ancient folk tune. Rock guitar solo. Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos. With Sing Education, pupils are exposed to these and more. Props, games and instruments all contribute to active music making. The goal? To develop students’ well- trained ear, head and hand. Our focus on deep personal understanding means the music truly lives inside them.
Accessibility. Attainment. Development. Expression.

Good music education is accessible for all, improves learning skills and cognitive function, enhances pupil wellbeing and encourages collective expression. Come learn how Sing Education’s music provision delivers a curriculum, classroom experience and extracurricular timetable that meets these high standards.

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A high-quality and accessible music education benefits primary schools by raising children’s attainment, enhancing expression and boosting language skills.
Drawing on the Kodály approach, using singing games, percussion and multi-sensory learning, our lessons enable good musical progression.
Get to know our diverse team of professional music teachers, from the Sing Education senior leadership team to our music specialist teachers.

Provision Services

Elevate your current provision, replace a departing staff member or launch a new music programme in its entirety. Sing Education provides all the tools you need. From full HR management (recruitment, training, performance, payroll) to music strategy consultancy, curriculum development and timetabling support, we make primary music education easy and hassle-free.
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Did you know Sing Education can help you meet PPA cover targets while simultaneously improving the standard of music education at your school? Let us show you how curricular music, singing assemblies and extracurricular clubs work together to provide enhanced PPA cover, as well as enriched music and arts learning.
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Need peripatetic provision? Want to develop a new strategy for music? Keen to know how other primaries approach the National Curriculum? Choose Sing Education for access to full-service consulting, best practices from our London schools’ network and teaching techniques which encourage positive pupil behaviour and achievement in and out of the music room.
Sing Education’s success in the classroom is built on the foundations of what we do outside the classroom. Our approach to teacher recruitment, performance management and team training are among our key USPs. Plus we see the fruit everyday in teachers who enjoy long happy careers with us and schools that love their music professional.
Headteachers have stressful roles. Shifting priorities, administrative challenges, budgetary firefights. And that’s just Monday! That’s why Sing Education developed its 360° Wraparound Support programme. Leave your provision in our capable hands and we’ll manage it all. From consultancy support to pupil safeguarding, from school onboarding to teacher transition, we do more so you can rest easy.
We offer constant support for schools through our consultancy services on issues such as timetabling, pupil safeguarding, equipment supply and onboarding.
Sing Education hires the top musicians, trains them appropriately and inspires positive values for stress-free teacher management at schools.
Take a deep dive into Sing Education’s shared, knowledge pooling where we provide consultancy services for schools on timetabling, PPA cover and equipment.

Curricular Music

High energy. Singing led. Full of fun. Never the same.

This is how Sing Education delivers classroom music. While meeting all the requirements of the National Curriculum, our Schemes of Work and termly lessons focus on getting children to actually experience and enjoy music. We don’t encourage them to reproduce sounds or melodies by rote. Each engaging and inclusive lesson uses our prepare, present and practice technique to focus their attention and build their understanding and musicianship.

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Ofsted review pending? Parent-teacher meeting on the horizon? Want to see what Year 3 will cover next term? Simply reach for your school’s Progression Map. Sing Education produces these bespoke music education frameworks so that teachers, parents and regulators can understand the objectives, content and outcomes of each term’s curricular music programme.
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Sing Education teaches curricular music in short, engaging units of 6-8 weeks. Each of these half-termly units has a Scheme of Work which defines the themes to be covered, musical concepts introduced and methodologies used. This enables our teachers to provide the same high-quality learning in every classroom they teach.
The 2014 National Curriculum sets very high standards for the teaching of music. Children are to develop a love of music, develop talent as a musician and build self confidence. Additionally, across each Key Stage, they are required to perform, create and understand music. Learn how Sing Education accomplishes these objectives and more.
Sing Education looks to extend and carry out the principles and objectives in the National Curriculum for Music Education through our teaching and learning.
We constructed our Schemes of Work into half-term units of musical study where new music concepts are intertwined with pupil’s previous musical progression.
Our Progression Map is constantly available to teachers, Ofsted and schools for reviewing the purpose, content and direction of every lesson we conduct.

Extracurricular Music

Extracurricular music is the music we tend to remember most fondly from school. Was it the choirs, clubs or singing assemblies that first stirred our love of music? Learn how Sing Education helps every child discover the voice within. Perhaps there’s another Sam Smith vocalist or Sheku Kanneh-Mason cellist among us.
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In Sing Education schools, singing assemblies are often the most anticipated gatherings of the week. Children can be grouped by Year or Key Stage to actively make music together. It’s a powerful learning experience. Not only do pupils increase their musical skill, they also have the chance to demonstrate good behaviours and school values.
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Clubs and choirs – whether after school or at lunchtimes – are an excellent way to round out curricular music. They give pupils the chance to let off musical steam, singing and playing instruments to their hearts’ content. They also allow mixed age groups to work together and to be challenged musically with new repertoire.
Five KS2 primary children standing in two lines, singing, using their hands for actions, wearing green, yellow, grey and white
Male and three primary KS2 pupils, all holding ukuleles, all sitting on chairs in the hall.
Instrumental and singing lessons deliver a wealth of benefits to students – they enable pupils to explore their musicality in small group or individual settings; they help widen pupils musical landscapes; they enable independent music making; they impact wellbeing and confidence. And moreover, by having an instrumental and singing programme in place, you can build school ensembles and put on performances for the wider community. Bring instrumental and singing lessons to your school and inspire a new generation of musicians.
Performance enables students to share their deep love of music and well-honed musical skill with peers, family and the wider school community. As an important adjunct to curricular music teaching, Sing Education regularly integrates opportunities for workshops and performances into the academic calendar. The emphasis? Encouraging students to develop a strong understanding of the principles of music and a natural love for the subject.
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Workshop performances allow children to share their passion for music with the wider school community and develop their skills mastery and learning progression.
Vocal and instrumental lessons are valuable in any primary setting as they have a positive impact on children’s confidence, wellbeing and cognitive development.
Find out how clubs and choirs transform lunchtime and afterschool music provision

Why Sing Education?

Sing Education currently serves more than 9,000 children every week across nearly 30 Greater London schools. But our ambition doesn’t stop there. We have the vision to expand across the UK and to influence the world of music education so that all children have access to high-quality curricular music. Read on for three key reasons why we’re the best, full service, stress-free music education partner. Hint: Every teaching solution starts and ends with you!
Twenty primary students, sitting on the floor, all with their hands up, facing forward, wearing green and white uniform.
Photo-music teacher smiling with basket of instruments.
Since its 2014 founding, Sing Education has built a powerful network of music teachers actively collaborating and exchanging ideas. We’ve developed bespoke learning resources and classroom methodologies so every teacher works to the highest standard, starting with our shared vision and values. Lastly, our music service is holistic – from recruitment to payroll and transition cover to timetabling, we manage all the logistics so you enjoy a stress-free experience and build a music strategy that’s just right for your school.
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It’s a simple question really. Would you recommend this product or service? So when we asked our current schools what they thought of Sing Education music provision, 100% responded enthusiastically ”Yes!,” yielding a Net Promoter score of 100. This is the highest score possible. Put another way, our partners credit our work as exceptional. “Having the expertise and skill of Sing Education has promoted music to the high stakes curriculum area that it deserves to be.” Will you join them?
Two males, one female having a meeting at a wooden table, smiling, laptop on table, two Sing Education mugs
Sing Education hires the best music graduates and working musicians. We train them in our bespoke methodology and upskill them in the effective classroom management technique. We use termly Schemes of Work to ensure we meet or exceed the National Curriculum standards and across class lessons, clubs and singing assemblies, we ground everything we do in high energy, active music making. Invite us into your school to see what a difference high-quality curricular music can make for your students.
Sing Education have a reputation at the primary schools they work in for bringing bespoke music provision that is specialised, accessible, and organised
We source our music teachers from leading conservatoires and universities, we provide ongoing training and are proud of our well-established teaching resources.
Benefit from high-quality, stress-free music provision and upskill your class teachers through exposure to best-practice lessons by well-trained music teachers.

Inclusion Accessibility

Inclusivity is at the heart of Sing Education’s approach to primary school music. From the practical delivery of lessons to the way our schemes of work develop, we ensure our teaching engages all children. Come explore our methodologies, training techniques and the impact which teachers say we have on the lives of their pupils.
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Close up, KS2 primary pupil, boy, holding hands up, out in front of him, smiling, green and white uniform.
Sing Education’s specialist skills in developing, adapting, and delivering music tuition so that it engages every child – including those with special educational needs – is one of our core USPs.All lessons are inclusive from the start with targeted support provided to individual pupils in consultation with SENDCos, Inclusion Managers and class teachers.
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Inclusive music education. It’s baked right into Sing Education’s DNA. From our teacher training days to classroom lesson delivery to our termly Schemes of Work – we aim to raise awareness of SEND and accessibility needs. Moreover, from a practical standpoint, we work hard to adjust games and activities to suit every child’s needs. Because everyone benefits from inclusive music.
Close up, two KS1 primary pupils, girl and a boy (left to right), both smiling, female head blurred, in foreground.
Services we provide to support SEND teaching and learning vary from team training sessions with SENDCo’s, specialised support in class and training for staff.
We have developed an inclusive learning and teaching model such as short activities and fixed transition times, which allows all children to experience music.
We are dedicated to creating an inclusive teaching environment and accessible resources for primary children and staff, such as props and team training.

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