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New classroom music teacher. Revised curricular approach. First music programme. Whatever the specific requirements, all our primary schools share one thing in common…when it comes to music education, they are looking for high-quality specialist provision and positive change in the lives of children. Two things at which Sing Education excels.


Is Sing Education Right for My School?

Looking to source a new music teacher?

Seeking to expand or deepen an existing music programme?

Taking the first steps towards introducing comprehensive music within your school?

These are all great reasons to engage with Sing Education. And that’s why headteachers come to us. 

Headteachers come because they want truly excellent music in their school. They come because they value high-quality music education and see it as an integral part of their academic offering. However, though there may be room in the timetable for a robust music programme, heads often find themselves sadly short in terms of the staff time, curricular resources, management capacity or specialist music skills needed to realise their hopes and ambitions. 

For example, a school may have had a music teacher in post for a number of years who has now left. So, the headteacher is looking for a highly-skilled, reliable replacement for this valued staff member. Alternatively, we might find ourselves working alongside music provision that’s already in place at a school. The school might have a schedule of regular Christmas performances, Easter concerts and other musical opportunities throughout the year. However, now the headteacher is looking for a joined-up music curriculum that stitches everything together and complements what their school is currently doing.

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What is Our Teaching Like?

Our lessons always contain active music making. They’re high energy and engaging with singing at the core. Made up of lots of activities including singing games, our students also learn through the inclusion of instruments, percussion work, rhythm and rhymes. Our lessons draw on the Kodály approach and we readily incorporate folk-based material, multisensory learning, props and flashcards. This is to develop a deep understanding and knowledge of music, of musical principles, so it’s not just games for games’ sake. 

In terms of our staff, at Sing Education, our teachers are part of a diverse and talented team of professional musicians matched to primary schools across London. We recruit from the country’s best music conservatoires, universities and teaching networks. Successful candidates are then trained in our bespoke curriculum, schemes of work and lesson planning and are placed within a primary school on a long-term basis. Moreover, we pride ourselves on providing all the teaching resources, training, supervision and support needed for our staff to deliver with quality and consistency in the classroom, week to week and term to term.

What’s the Benefit of Full-Service Provision?

At Sing Education, we deliver music education services across all early-years and primary school settings – nursery, KS1 and KS2. We work from babies right through to year six, so from 0 to 11 years old. Our offering includes whole-class curriculum music lessons, PPA cover, singing assemblies, school productions, choirs, lunchtime and after school clubs. We also offer one-to-one and small group instrumental and singing lessons, singing workshops, music enrichment workshops, multi-school collaborative projects. 

To complement our classroom teaching, we also offer in-school staff continuing professional development (CPD), as well as enrichment and wellbeing workshops. In addition, by accessing our high-quality consultancy services, headteachers can receive support on the management of their music provision, timetabling and PPA solutions, as well as singing and music strategies.

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Curricular lessons are high-energy and engaging, with singing at the core to encourage learners to enjoy the exploration, passion and understanding of music.
Services we provide to support SEND teaching and learning vary from team training sessions with SENDCo’s, specialised support in class and training for staff.
If you’re not yet familiar with Sing Education, we hope this introduction to our full service music provision, music specialist staff, planning and curriculum resources, as well as our senior leadership team, will encourage you to dive deeper with us.

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