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Sing Education has a large, well-trained team of teachers and directors. Our music provision positively impacts students and classroom staff alike. We manage all the logistics for stress-free engagements. We incorporate the best innovations from academia and our schools network. Partner with us to realise these tremendous benefits firsthand. 


Our Music Impacts Pupils AND Teachers

At Sing Education we are passionate about our mission. All of our energy goes into music and developing music education to the highest standard. We don’t focus on any other topics, we are passionate about music education alone. That’s why we’re so confident we offer the highest standard of peripatetic music provision available today – and that the benefits to schools are extensive. Here are just a few reasons why…

Schools who partner with Sing education can be sure they’ll have high-quality music provision. 

Each week, children in our programmes experience the joy of making music. We see boosts in their social wellbeing, empathy and positive school ethos. These practice-based outcomes are born out in the academic literature as well. For example, researchers in Europe have demonstrated that incorporating music into the curriculum has increased social bonds, allowed for improved social adaptations and generated overall more positive attitudes in children.

Music is also an opportunity to upskill classroom teachers. 

In Sing Education schools, classroom teachers, like their students, also experience high-quality music lessons on a weekly basis. In doing so, classroom teachers get to see how our approach works to build musical competence, while enhancing social skills, contributing to personal expression and reinforcing other academic areas such as learning English as an Additional Language. 

Classroom teachers who are exposed to Sing Education’s methodology, techniques and resources benefit directly from the observation of our music team. Our lesson plans encourage a natural cross-fertilisation of ideas between the music curriculum and other areas of academic achievement, such as maths. In fact, we welcome the opportunity for classroom teachers to put our techniques into practice to further wider learning objectives. 

Lastly, classroom teachers may be invited by their school to attend one of Sing Education’s special CPD trainings. These sessions are designed to address the ongoing professional development needs of classroom teachers and are a great complement to observing our regular music teaching practice. It goes without saying that these events offer substantial positive dividends for participants – especially in terms of embedding strategies for and building confidence in “whole school music.” Our schools really enjoy the added value they provide.

Male kneeling on the floor, primary classroom, holding rhythm flashcard in front of KS1 pupils.

We’ve Got the Logistics Covered

Another reason schools choose Sing Education is that the provision – as quoted by one headteacher recently – “is stress free.” 

Headteachers working with us are secure in the knowledge that their music provision will be fully, efficiently and successfully managed. From soup to nuts, new school onboarding to outgoing teacher transition, Sing Education has developed tried and true practices, policies and resources for every eventuality.  Music is therefore one less thing on a headteachers’ already overflowing administrative plate. 

For example, our music teachers receive continuous training throughout their career with us, in addition to substantive training before they are matched with a school. They benefit from a full package of teaching resources and ongoing support from our senior leadership team, as well as from their peers working in other schools. 

We truly cater to our partner schools – organising all the operational details, as well as the practical side of things like the logistics around sickness cover. In fact we not only cover the management of absenteeism, we also cover payroll, we cover contracts, we cover safeguarding. It’s a hassle-free experience for headteachers who adopt our programme. They can rest easy, knowing that school music is just happening, and not only is it happening, but it’s high quality and engaging.

We Stay Connected

On your behalf and as part of our ongoing development of the music strategy for your school, Sing Education maintains a wider view of the music education landscape and what is going on within it. We’re constantly scanning the environment for innovative ways to teach music, develop our staff and embed high standards for music in the partner schools with which we work. 

For example, we have regular contact with the Department for Education professionals who are developing the national plan for music education. In a similar vein, we have recently been invited to speak on a panel inputting into the plan, making sure that the new plan is accessible and inclusive for SEND children. We are active listeners as well and use our deep ties to the country’s best conservatoires and music performance programmes to build networks within academia.

Lastly we make a concerted effort to regularly draw out and draw upon the practical expertise developed across all the schools in our teaching portfolio. Staff supervision, lesson observations – as well as our own teaching as directors – allow us to see how our music programme is succeeding in diverse nursery and primary settings. We also draw readily on past experiences of what has worked – or not worked so well – in the classroom so we can help schools build a teaching model that suits them best. 

At any time should one of our schools run into difficulty, we can always see a way forward because of our 30,000-foot perspective and knowledge/best practice pooling. In instances where schools may not have the vision to turn around a challenge – because they are only able to see from the vantage point of their own school’s experience – Sing Education can step in to fully support them. It’s one of our key service USPs.

‘Inspiring over 9000 children every week’

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