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We think Sing Education’s teaching, recruitment, staff development and school support service represent the highest standards in peripatetic music. But don’t just take our word. “We’re absolutely delighted with our Sing Education specialist”  “We are really excited about the future of music for our children.” That’s what our schools say.


The Current Landscape

Good quality music education is at risk. 

As budgets are increasingly streamlined, schools are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. And sadly music education can be one of the first casualties of this economic reality. Despite Ofsted encouraging – mandating even – a broad and balanced curriculum for primary schools, when there is less budget to go around, schools are frequently forced to forgo hiring a full-time music teacher. In order to make the numbers work, headteachers have to reduce their school’s music offering or get very creative in allocating teaching resources – for example, using music to provide PPA cover

This is where Sing Education comes in.

A Stress-Free Solution

When you partner with us, we ensure you receive high-quality music provision at the right level, cost and operational model to fit your unique situation. We even do all the hiring, training, timetabling and teacher management for you!

With Sing Education it’s true that you get access to specialist music teaching at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire but that’s not the only benefit. Each school receives a tailored music provision programme that comes with a wealth of additional value built in. 

For example, all our engagements include:

  • Full curricular planning, Schemes of Work and teaching resources that meet or exceed the guidelines of the National Curriculum for Music
  • Extensive training, supervision and development of our music teachers
  • Knowledge pooling and best practice sharing across our growing schools network
  • Comprehensive administration support covering performance management, absentee cover, payrolling and safeguarding oversight
  • New school onboarding, teacher transition planning and ongoing strategic support including CPD opportunities for existing classroom staff

In the words of one of our headteachers, working with Sing Education “is stress free.” We manage the learning, we manage the teachers, we manage the administration. This keeps the standard of our provision excellent, consistent and worry-free. 

Sing Education also benefits from having a wider view of the music education world, including the important trends and movements therein. Through our cadre of high-calibre music teachers, we bring tried and true methods to the classroom every day – methods which have been validated on both an academic and practical basis through research, pedagogy and public policy frameworks.

A Love That Lasts A Lifetime

And last but not least, Sing Education is differentiated from other provision solutions by the quality, consistency and breadth of our team and resources. 

Our music teachers – as well as the directors themselves – are sourced from some of the UK’s leading universities and conservatories. They have received top music performance degrees and have the maturity, temperament and skill to work engagingly with primary school pupils. Our teachers also work as part of a team – they are never alone or work in isolation. They learn and grow from one another in a supportive, nurturing environment. 

In addition, unlike other peripatetic music services or packaged provision alternatives, Sing Education have invested extensively over the last six years in developing our own bespoke teaching resources. Having seen the results first-hand in the classroom, we are confident that our programme offers tremendous value to schools and pupils. Sing Education’s singing-lead approach to active, high energy music making ensures both fun in the classroom, as well as clear musical progression. Plus it gives children such an engaging and varied experience of music that they are gifted with both a real understanding AND a real passion for music that will last them a lifetime.

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