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Big Voice. Big Talent. Big Heart. Three key ingredients we look for in Sing Education teachers. If you’ve achieved a first-rate degree in music, have experience working with children and want to build a career in the classroom, get in touch. Explore all Sing Education has to offer including training and development, bespoke learning resources and support from peers and directors.


When we are looking for Sing Education teachers, we are looking for teachers who inspire a passion for music. We are looking for music teachers who are willing to learn and would love to hone their craft, through training and development. We are looking for people who are able to be professional, confident and resourceful when faced with the everyday challenges of school-life. We love strong communicators, who are reliable, team-players, and are able to ‘think outside the box’.

Female sitting at a piano, hands on the piano, female in black floral dress, two primary pupils in background.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Have a music degree or a degree in a related field, such as musical theatre or music education? Do you have a strong singing voice and the confidence to lead lessons and assemblies with your voice? If so, we’d love to hear more about your classroom or one-to-one teaching experience and of your past experience of working with children and/or young people. We require Sing Education teachers to have basic keyboard skills as a minimum, to assist with the delivery of singing assemblies or choir rehearsals. Whilst we provide further training in all areas, we expect Sing Education applicants to have a basic understanding of good classroom management and a firm approach to discipline. 

Have you undertaken further professional development beyond your degree, such as a QTS or PGCE, Kodály or Dalcroze training? Are you an experienced accompanist or guitarist, or play another instrument to a high level? Even better! We’d love to hear about this and to explore how your skills could be developed as a member of the Sing Education teaching team.

Personal Traits and Aptitude

A great Sing Education teacher is able to bring together their degree-level training in music, along with their past teaching experience, to generate and build an enthusiasm for music in the wider life of the school or schools they are working within. They have a sense of humour and the ability to work well as part of both Sing Education and in-school teams, demonstrating good organisational and communication skills.

Do you have experience of leading singing or music workshops or of working with children with SEND? We see that as a real bonus and we would love to explore how we could use and continue to develop those skills within the team.

Female kneeling on the floor with hand out in front of her, three primary pupils sitting next to her copying.

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