Cover, The Long And Short Of It

Some Sing Education teachers undertake short- and long-term cover. We recruit year-round for talented teachers who are reliable, confident and flexible. We want you to inspire students and to blend teaching seamlessly with prior lessons. Your bespoke handover guide, director support and fellow teachers ensure your success from Day One.

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The Sing Education cover music teacher role has two strands to it – one focused on short-term cover to help schools manage the day-to-day provision emergencies that arise and the other other focused on future/planned cover to address long-term teacher absence. We actively recruit for both opportunities and in each instance look for someone who is reliable, confident and inspirational who can get up to speed quickly. A degree in music or a related field, such as musical theater or music education, rounds out our ideal profile.

And regardless of the nature of the cover requirement, with Sing Education, you’re never tossed in the deep end to work it out on your own. We provide all the training and resources teachers need to be successful in the classroom from cover assignment Day One. We do this to ensure the teaching standard retains its high quality and so that that your lessons mesh seamlessly with what has gone before.

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As a cover team member, you benefit from a bespoke handover document, introductions within the school, full lesson planning and support from your fellow teachers through our collaborative digital app. Not to mention that the company directors are just at the end of the phone line, should you need specific support.

Lastly, you’ll have access to training both before and throughout the cover period. Particularly for long-term assignments, you’ll receive extra training, including invitations to team training sessions, above and beyond the usual cover training.

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