Teaching with Sing Education

Sing Education offers music graduates employment with training and teaching resources, enabling children to encounter the transformative power of music within primary schools.


Our Diverse and Talented Team

All of Sing Education’s highly-skilled music teachers are sourced from among the country’s best music conservatoires and universities. Moreover, our teaching staff are given comprehensive training in curriculum delivery, classroom craft, assessment monitoring, behavior management and child protection, as well as being DBS checked.

As a Sing Education teacher, you are part of our diverse and talented team of professional musicians, teaching across primary schools in London. Trained as one of our specialist music teachers, you will be placed within a primary school on a long-term basis. We do this to keep staffing consistent – to ensure staffing is long-term and reliable. By not changing staff members during the year, where at all possible, and by assigning classes specific teachers that remain with them, we build confidence in both our teachers and young learners.

When you teach with Sing Education you’ll be given all the teaching resources you’ll need, as well as comprehensive training in how to deliver those teaching resources. In addition, alongside inducting and training our staff in our own set of policies, we also give teachers a full induction into the policies and practices of their placement school, allowing our staff to fully integrate in a consistent manner into the learning experience of the pupils.

Lastly, we also offer our staff CPD routes, both our own in-house programmes but also external qualifications and training courses, allow them not just to teach, but to learn through the experience of teaching.

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Our Vision for the Future

Currently employing a team of nearly 20 and working across 19 schools in six of the largest London boroughs, Sing Education have ambitions of being a national organization.

By spreading across the country, we want to influence the world of music education so that all children have access to high quality curriculum music in

school. Either through the work directly that we do, or by the influence that we are building as an organization to influence music education policy, to also influence high level decision-makers on how they implement music in schools, and what kind of music they implement into schools.

Our goals are not only to transform how music education is “done” for young learners, but also to shape the development and career arc of working musicians who choose to teach in primary schools.

For those who become part of our teaching team, we want to provide fulfilling and stable opportunities for teachers to continually use and grow their musical skills. We want to give teachers an exciting, dynamic career should they start later in life, come from other teaching work, or even if they are fresh out of university. We offer teachers something that’s powerfully fulfilling – a better way to use their musical skills, performance ability and teaching capacity. Ultimately the success of our vision means that more music graduates are working in the field they studied.

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Put Your Passion to Work

When we are looking for Sing Education music teachers, we look for professional and enthusiastic music graduates looking to inspire young learners in school.

Step Inside The Classroom

As a teacher, you’ll be trained to deliver music lessons, inspiring a love of music for children through active music making and multi-sensory activities.

Are we teaching in your community?

Sing Education delivers singing-led, primary music education to schools across London including Ealing, Hillingdon and Wandsworth. We aim to place teachers in schools closer to home.

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