Sing Education’s Vision and Values

Music is fun. Music is exciting. Children deserve music education that engages and fascinates. In providing this, Sing Education changes not only how music is taught – we also impact the career trajectory of the educators who teach music in schools. For us – and for children – that’s a win win.

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At Sing Education we believe that music should be fun and exciting, enabling children to engage with it. We believe children should have fun finding out why they like music and what it is they like about it. Our goal is not only to transform how music education is “done” for young learners, but also to shape the development and career arc of working musicians who choose to teach in primary schools. 

Seven core values underpin all that we do at Sing Education. These most fundamental principles include:

Inspiring a passion for music

  • We are all constantly fanning our own passion for music outside school by continually pushing our own musical ability and endeavours
  • We engage with our teaching materials enthusiastically to create an exciting and active learning environment
  • We are inclusive and use our music lessons to build confidence in children through meeting children where they are at and enabling them to achieve in every lesson
A teacher, dressed in a floral dress and coral blazer, sits cross-legged and engages with young students in a colorful classroom setting. She gestures to herself with an animated expression, captivating the children who are attentively listening to her, fostering a lively and interactive learning environment.

Constantly honing our craft

  • We remain curious and reflect on our teaching successes and challenges and are constantly evaluating where we can improve
  • We support each other practically by having team training sessions every half term and team-teach days where we learn from each other’s teaching regularly and provide feedback to each other
  • We remain curious in our own learning and are all honing our own music and teaching skills outside of school

Building honest relationships with action and truth

  • We build honest relationships with everyone we work with; our team, our head teachers, class teachers, pupils and parents
  • Music allows us and teaches us to express ourselves – we want to be authentic people and teach children to be authentic too.
  • By making music and singing together in school we can form deep and meaningful connections with our peers and colleagues

Confident and resourceful in the face of challenge

  • We are problem solvers – we learn from our own and other’s successes and failures through collaboration and sharing
  • We ensure that we have strategies and techniques at the ready to ensure that children are always learning and engaging to the full
  • We always want to deliver the needs and aims of a school and it’s pupils by partnering with them – from SEND and behavioural needs, to special school events and everything in between

Seeing the bigger picture

  • We always find out the vision and values and policies of a school and work to deliver these in conjunction with our own processes
  • We look for the bigger picture of a child’s learning by extending our vision – what is the outcome of the lesson? How does this fit with the whole scheme of work? Where does this fit in the musical pathway of this child?
  • We are always alert to what is going on around us – we listen actively to children and colleagues. We seek out the specific learning needs of the children we teach

Committed to excellence

  • We all engage actively with our teaching material through preparation and organisation so that we feel comfortable to articulate and teacher with our own style and confidence
  • We constantly strive for excellence by sharing, training together seeking out new ideas and practices
  • We take pride in what we do and want to work with integrity

Being bold and brave

  • We can be bold and brave because we are ‘inspired’, ‘confident’, ‘honest’, ‘visionary’ and ‘resourceful’
  • We aren’t afraid to be ourselves and we never write of children, schools or ourselves
  • We are willing to learn and set ourselves big aims
A classroom scene captures the attention of young students seated on a colorful rug, their focus directed towards a teacher who gestures expressively during a lesson. The environment is vibrant and educational, with posters and student work adorning the walls, fostering a sense of engagement and curiosity among the children.

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