May Newsletter

Half Term

Good Vibes!

The image displays an abstract design consisting of curved white lines that create a flowing, wave-like pattern on a black background. The lines converge towards the bottom right corner, suggesting movement and dynamism.
The image shows a series of stylized, abstract white lines on a black background, creating a wave-like pattern that fades to the right side of the image. The design suggests motion and fluidity, with the lines converging at a point on the left and spreading out as they move rightward, giving a sense of expansion or release.

May Newsletter

Half Term – Good Vibes!


CLUSTER CONCERTS || Out of the classroom…Into the community


School children perform in unique celebration of languages and music

The image features a close-up of a professional studio microphone mounted on a stand. The microphone has a detailed metallic mesh grill and is positioned against a blurred background with vibrant, warm colors that suggest a creative or energetic atmosphere. The focus on the microphone suggests its importance, possibly in a setting related to music, broadcasting, or recording.


Turbocharge philanthropy, conga to Beethoven, ditch the ukuleles: 10 ways to save classical music

Close-up view of piano keys with a shallow depth of field, highlighting the black and white contrast and the texture of the keys, set against a blurred wooden background.


Classroom Leadership – High Standards, Great Results

Four professionals are engaged in a lively conversation, with expressions of interest and engagement on their faces. They are wearing lanyards, suggesting a work or conference setting, and the atmosphere appears collaborative. The background features a window and some greenery, adding a casual, bright ambiance to the interaction.


Getting from A to Z

A focused individual wearing a lanyard is working intently on a laptop, with a coffee mug nearby, set against a backdrop of a bright office environment. The image is overlaid with vibrant graphics and text celebrating Sing Education's "Progression Map" being put into action, conveying a sense of accomplishment and innovation in the educational setting.


St George’s: A New Direction for Primary School Music

A group of young students in red uniforms are attentively participating in a classroom activity, with a sense of anticipation and focus on their faces. Overlaying the image is text that reads "St. George's: A New Direction for Primary School Music," suggesting an innovative approach to music education at the primary school level.

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