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Teaching is not for the faint of heart

The image displays an abstract design consisting of curved white lines that create a flowing, wave-like pattern on a black background. The lines converge towards the bottom right corner, suggesting movement and dynamism.
The image shows a series of stylized, abstract white lines on a black background, creating a wave-like pattern that fades to the right side of the image. The design suggests motion and fluidity, with the lines converging at a point on the left and spreading out as they move rightward, giving a sense of expansion or release.

National Plan for Music Education Primary School Summary

We have created a FREE summary and video with everything Primary Schools need to know about the National Plan for Music Education.

“I don’t think there’s ever a bad time to focus on teacher wellbeing,”

Experiencing overwhelm, personal neglect, conflict, unexpected challenges or isolation? Collectively known as “The Five Pitfalls” these factors impact the mental health, wellbeing and job satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of teachers.

Thanks to a partnership between their teachers’ union and the local school district, educators across several US primaries were able to find fresh solutions to “The Pitfalls” with the aid of wellbeing initiative:  “Educators Thriving.” 

Part of a broader effort to retain and recruit teachers, participants learned how strategies like being extra loud in the mornings to welcome students and staff, leaving their classroom doors open more often, and turning complaints into something more positive could help break cycles of isolation and overwhelm.


 Free wellbeing service for heads extended for another year

The image displays a graphic with text that reads "The Education Staff Wellbeing Charter" against a geometric background with two shades of green forming a diagonal split. The design is simple and bold, emphasizing the importance of wellbeing among education staff.


Mental health and wellbeing of ethnic minority teachers

A man and a woman are engaged in a discussion at a workspace. The man, dressed in a suit, is standing and pointing to a page in a book he is holding, while the woman, seated in front of a laptop, looks up at him attentively, ready to engage in the exchange of ideas. They are in a room with bookshelves in the background, suggesting an academic or professional setting.


360º Wraparound Support

A smiling educator kneels on a colorful classroom rug, reaching into a woven basket filled with musical instruments, creating an inviting atmosphere for learning through music. Her engagement with the instruments suggests an interactive and joyful approach to teaching.


FAQs – Teach with Sing Education

A smiling woman with long hair wearing a coral blazer over a floral dress stands in front of a colorful mosaic wall. Her cheerful expression and casual pose convey a sense of approachability and confidence.


3 Music Warmup Activities from Sing Education

A group of enthusiastic schoolchildren, dressed in uniforms, are actively participating in a music warm-up activity. They are joyfully waving colorful scarves in the air, capturing the essence of a dynamic and engaging classroom environment fostered by Sing Education's program. The overlay text offers a resource of "FREE: 3 Music Warm Up Activities from Sing Education," suggesting the availability of educational materials to enhance music learning.

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