Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

Our mission is to enable children to encounter the transformative power of music by helping them experience the joy of singing and making music collectively at school. That mission begins with our staff…and the specialist music teachers we recruit, train and develop. Let’s take a moment to meet them.


Senior Leadership Team

Sing Education began in 2014. The business was born out of the bold and daring vision shared by its three co-founders –  Alice Cadman, Josh Cadman and Bert Routledge. The vision? To see more children experience the transformative power of music in their lives and to radically change their music learning experiences along the way. These three directors now form the core of Sing Education’s senior management team. 

As a team, the directors work strategically to raise the bar for music education in primary schools – developing innovative solutions, resources and working practices. Alice Cadman has a particular focus on teaching and learning, training and recruitment. Alice develops and refines the way that we teach as an organisation. She develops the teaching style, the resources and how we train our teachers to deliver these.

Josh Cadman has a focus on the strategic development of the organisation, developing new systems and processes to enable us to work and operate smoothly and efficiently. He is also intimately involved in reaching out to schools to renew existing partnerships, providing consultative advice and support and to connecting our schools and pupils with the wider music community. Lastly, Josh oversees instrumental provision, consisting of small group or one-to-one instruction.

Bert Routledge has a particular focus on business development, engaging with schools to establish new, rewarding partnerships and to launch comprehensive music programmes in schools that are embracing specialist provision for the first time. He also has responsibility for internal project management and operations.

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Our Music Teachers

Our teaching specialists are music graduates from leading universities and conservatoires in the UK and worldwide. We regularly attract talent from top tier institutions such as the Royal College of Music, Royal Northern College of Music and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Our teachers are all passionate musicians with performance degrees – working, professional musicians in their own right. And in addition to their musical knowledge and expertise, our teachers often also come with a teaching credential or some form of teaching experience as well.

That said, we definitely invest in the development of our teaching staff. Our music specialists are trained extensively by Sing Education before they are matched with their school. They’re sourced and trained specifically for the role they will undertake and receive initial and ongoing skills building. For example, we train them specifically in the techniques needed to deliver Sing Education’s bespoke Schemes of Work and in how to work within nursery and primary school settings. In this way not only can they deliver first-class music lessons but they also have the classroom management, safeguarding, SEN and pastoral care skills required to make the learning experience a safe and enjoyable one for all.

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