When Only A Music Specialist Will Do

Never had whole class music? Used to outstanding provision but floundered when your music head retired? Sing Education has a solution. We recruit the best teachers. We train them as a team. We provide full teaching resources for our unique style of active, singing-led music. Let us show you how.


Music First, Second and Third

Sing Education is a music specialist organisation, so all of the work that we do here is about progressing music education and ensuring that children have access to the highest quality music education. We aren’t focused on anything other than ensuring that the highest quality music is being taught in schools. 

How does this differentiation express itself? 

Well for one, our music teachers are sourced from the UK’s leading conservatoires and top music performance universities so that’s quite unique. 

New teachers receive both initial and ongoing training in school policy, procedures and timetabling, as well as in classroom management and the delivery of our bespoke Schemes of Work. Being part of a team also means that they can bounce ideas off one another and can learn from us as directors. Our teachers learn together and grow together throughout their career as music specialists.

Secondly, our teachers are part of a team, so they’re not working in isolation. They’re part of our wider schools network and we encourage them to embrace their local school team and the diverse academic settings that they’re in. Through them Sing Education is able to access direct evidence of our programme’s success from many schools and to draw out the best practices we see developing in those schools. 

Thirdly, over the past six years, we have invested heavily in the development of our own teaching resources. These resources are based on our unique delivery method which is grounded in singing-led, active music making and techniques borrowed from the Kodály approach. Our teaching resource offers clear technical instruction and musical progression while giving children a varied and engaging experience of music. This ensures they develop a real passion for music – one that extends far beyond the school doors and which has the potential to last a lifetime.

Five KS2 primary children standing in two lines, singing, using their hands for actions, wearing green, yellow, grey and white

No Music? Better Music? We Can Help

In the six years since our founding, Sing Education has worked successfully to meet a wide range of music provision needs.

For example, we’ve had experience with schools with absolutely no music provision in place before we arrived. In these instances, we’ve worked from scratch – and in close consultation with the school’s leadership team – to develop a musical ethos within the school, to introduce curricular music lessons and to embed a love of music in the pupils themselves. Fantastic outcomes. 

But we’ve also worked in schools where there was already a really deep love for music in place – a love of singing or a high level of instrumental tuition perhaps. But for whatever historic reason, the school just didn’t offer whole class curricular music. In those instances, we really strive to boost music accessibility across the entire school so that it wasn’t just music for children in private instrumental tuition or singing in extracurricular choirs, it was a case of music for all. 

Some of our most rewarding experiences have come when we’ve been invited into schools where they’ve had strong music provision in the past, but the teacher responsible may have left or retired. In this case, we’ve been charged with the mission of reigniting a love of music that was lost. We really enjoy those kinds of challenges.

And lastly, we’ve worked in school alongside an existing music teacher where perhaps they’ve specialised in one instrument and have only had the timetable capacity to teach certain year groups. In this instance, we’ve partnered with the school to create really strong curricular and extracurricular provision.

Through the years Sing Education has worked in schools of many sizes, demographics and locations across London. In doing so, we’ve gained invaluable practice-based teaching experience in a wide variety of settings and contexts. That’s the tremendous benefit and value we can bring to your school. 

Quality Provision. Diverse Experience. Creative Solutions. 

That’s Sing Education.

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