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Got Questions?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Small Group and 1:1 Lessons with step by step video guides to make instrumental lessons easy

Icon used across website to show the content is designed for parents.

Got Questions?

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about Small Group and 1:1 Lessons with step by step video guides to make instrumental lessons easy


Starting Small Group and 1:1 Lessons

How do I sign up for Small Group and 1:1 Lessons?

Watch our handy step-by-step video on how to sign up.

Go to

Why is my child's school not on the list?

Check you have put the correct first three letters of your child’s school. Please note that, where relevant, ‘St’ is used rather than ‘Saint’ in school names.

If your school is still not on the list it may be that they do not provide small group and 1:1 lessons through Sing Education.

If you are still having problems email

What are lessons like?

Lessons are 30 minutes long and take place during the school day. The Sing Education Small Group and 1:1 teacher will collect your child from their class and take them to a music room to have their instrumental lesson

What should my child bring to their lesson?

Once you have an instrument, your child will need to bring this with them to every lesson (except if they are learning keyboard). They may also need to bring a practice book and any music but your teacher will let you know. (keyboards are provided by Sing Education and kept at the school for lessons).

A group of violinists is captured from behind while performing, their bows raised in harmony. The focus is on a musician in the foreground, with sheet music on stands in front of them, and the blurred auditorium seats in the background suggest a rehearsal setting. The image conveys a sense of concentration and collaboration among the ensemble members.

Grades and Progression

How can I see my child's progression?

Go to to see all the lesson notes from your teacher and any assigned repertoire. You can also log practise, check messages and contact us directly. Watch our video for more information.

What did my child learn today and what should they practise?

Our teachers complete notes after every lesson with details of what your child learnt and what they should practise. They are Stored on our student portal for you to see, and are emailed to you after each lesson. You can see your lesson notes by logging into our student portal

Will my child study for a grade?

We encourage children to study towards grades as a goal to aim for. They may study exam repertoire but it is not compulsory that they take the exam

Are there opportunities for my child to perform?

We encourage schools to offer performance opportunities and these will differ based on the school your child attends.

How do I book an ABRSM Exam?

Watch our video about how to book your child’s exam via the ABRSM website.

Advice on taking exams

Your child doesn’t have to take an exam but we do encourage it as a marker for progress and a goal to focus on during lessons. You will have to book the exam yourself but the teacher will help you prepare and we can help you find an accompanist if you need one. Watch our video or email us for more information.

Instruments and Resources

Will I need to buy an instrument?

Your child will need an instrument for their lessons but there are lots of purchasing options. You can buy or hire an instrument through instrument shops or your local music service (e.g. Ealing Music Service). There are lots of second hand options too.

Where can I buy or hire instruments?

Your teacher may recomend an instrument for your child but you can also read The Sing Education guide to sourcing an instrument for your child. Please be aware that you cannot buy or hire instruments through Sing Education

Will I need to buy any resources?

Your teacher may provide some resources and can recommend music books and resources for you.

The photo shows a close-up view of a sheet of music, with musical notations and staff lines crisply focused in the foreground, while the background softly blurs out. The sheet music appears to be a classical score, with dynamic markings and Italian instructions for the musician, suggesting a piece that is rich in expression and technical detail.

Payment and Invoices

How do I pay fees?

Watch our step by step video on how to pay for Small Group and 1:1 lessons from the student portal.

Why has the money automatically come out of my account?

When you add a card to your account, it will automatically select auto pay.

Why have I got another invoice, I have only just paid one recently?

Invoices are sent out at the start of every month, one month in advance. 

Why are monthly invoices sent out so far in advance?

Invoices are sent out one month in advance, to give us the opportunity to pause lessons of anyone who has not paid.

Help me understand my payment request

Watch our video which takes you through each element of the payment request and what it means. You can also pay directly from this payment request.

I would like a refund for a lesson that was cancelled.

It is very difficult for us to issue refunds, however, when the lesson is cancelled, it is automatically removed from your account, so any money you have paid will remain in your account and roll over to the following month.You will see this adjustment in your following invoice Called ‘Balance Forward’.

If you cancel lessons altogether, we will refund any outstanding amount immediately.

Online Account and Student Portal

Can I look at my account online?

Yes, we have an excellent portal called My Music Staff. You can view your account and lesson notes and any upcoming lessons via this portal. Use this link, and login:

Once logged in you can see your upcoming lessons, notes from the teacher and any repertoire the teacher has uploaded. You can cancel lessons, see your account balance and pay any fees. If you have lost your login, please email us at and we will send you a new one.

Watch our video for more information.

How can I cancel a lesson?

Watch our handy step-by-step video on how to cancel a lesson from the student portal. Click the home page, find the event, cancel and confirm. You’re done and this will automatically update our calendar too.

Cancellation policy

We will email you 48 hrs before each lesson. If you need to cancel the lesson for any reason, you have until 24hrs before the lesson to avoid being charged.


Log in here: 

How are lessons credited?

Cancelled lessons are automatically removed from your account and your balance will update automatically. If you have paid already the credit is rolled over to the next month. This is shown as ‘Balance forward’ on your payment request. Watch our video to see what this looks like.

My online account is different to my payment request?

You will need to select the date range to the period on your invoice to see the correct information on My Music Staff.

A music teacher with a beard and glasses is engaging with young students while holding a ukulele, raising his hand as if to illustrate a point or direct the class. The students, wearing green school uniforms, are attentively listening to the teacher, with the backdrop of a classroom featuring a piano, suggesting a hands-on music learning environment. The atmosphere conveys a sense of interactive learning and musical instruction.

Finishing Small Group and 1:1 Lessons

How do I stop lessons?

We’re sorry to see you go – to cancel lessons email  

I have stopped lessons but I am still receiving Payment requests?

Payment requests and reminders will continue to be sent to you if your account is in arrears. Once settled your account will move to inactive and you will stop receiving reminders to pay.

My child doesn't enjoy the instrument. Can we swap?

Email and request a swap but whether we can swap will depend on the current waiting list for the new instrument.

How long will lessons be for?

Lessons will continue by default until you choose to stop, or your child leaves in Year 6. 

If your child leaves the school before this point please let us know so we can cancel the lessons. The school will not inform us.

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